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Question by  selvam (18)

How do you rewire a boat trailer?

When unhitching a boat, my wiring got all messed up, and now I'm unsure how to put it back together.


Answer by  benjaminbarry (34)

Call an electrician and have them do it. Alternatively, spend a lot of time reading your boat trailer's manual and untangling the wires. Eventually, you should be able to figure out how to connect everything back up as the wires should be labeled in some way. It might also be useful to call the dealer who sold you the trailer.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

I would contact a local service that works with boats in order to avoid doing it yourself, making a mistake, and having the boat fall off at the worst possible time. It is good to avoid the possible catastrophe of losing your boat off the back of your car.


Answer by  cody412 (114)

The fastest way is to go buy a trailer wiring light kit. They are under thirty dollars at your local boating outlet.


Answer by  sanabel (79)

Just pop a CD with the Miami Vice theme song into the deck, get a don johnson haircut and then hope that your partner comes in and saves the day.

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