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Question by  ruby (68)

How do you install a parental blocker for a TV?

I want to block some channels.


Answer by  annamarie (196)

you just basically hook it up to your tv they come with the connections and tools,and then get into the menu to start accessing the channels that you wish to block.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

This will vary with individual TV sets, receivers, and services. The best place to start is by calling your cable or satellite provider. In most cases they can assist you in setting up a parental block with password protection. If they are unable to assist you for some reason, be sure to ask them to recommend the next step.


Answer by  CHENTHIL (4)

press Menu button on remote. menu will appear Select Parental >> Edit Settings You can block movies based on the ratings. Choose Lock Now after you have made your selection. system will prompt you for your PIN . This is given to you when you buy service. Enter PIN.parental lock is now set up.

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