Question by  shykarth (82)

Can you install cable or satellite to an under-the-cabinet TV in the kitchen?

I don't want to install one if we can't get programs on it.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

This is possible but it seems like its a big deal to do, make sure u are getting someone who knows what they are doing for sure. The programs are digital so there shouldnt be any problems getting the programs that u would anywhere else in the house. Call the cable company if u have questions


Answer by  misteann (109)

Yes, most installers are able to run cables thru the wall or along the cabinets if needed. I would check with a local installer before purchasing the television to make sure it is possible in your case.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

Yes you can install this. To do so you would need to have a cable plug close or have the company install a cable plug by your tv


Answer by  SurbyKids (17)

Of course you can. It is nothing that some coaxial cable, a drill, and some elbow grease and a smidgen of luck can't handle for you.

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