Question by  LLove (33)

What is the proper way to install a mobile home block foundation?

I need to install a mobile home block foundation.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The manner in which the block foundation is installed depends on the building codes in your area. Contact the office that issues the permits and ask about requirements.


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

Build your footings on piers under the mobile home. Use cinder blocks to double block it. Pay attention to the weight distribution and levelling. Remember that the most weight of a mobile home is in the middle because of IBeams and load bearing walls in the middle.

Reply by icyblue (236):
Very useful info! You should never put a mobile home on a regular foundation because of the difference in weight distribution. A permanent foundation around your mobile home is merely cosmetic!  add a comment
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There are systems where you can also put a foundation around your manufactured home's perimeter and have it fastened to the walls. The combination of the concrete piers under your home and the perimeter foundation makes an extremely solid and nice looking foundation. Do a google search.  add a comment

Answer by  benji (165)

There are rules and guidelines about the basic dimensions and material needed for the foundation - you probably need concrete for these. Where do you stay? Before you proceed please recheck with local authorities about what these guidelines are. You'll be safer and not get into unnecessary problems.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You need a level. Make sure to level off the foundation regardless if you are using a concrete or packed earth method. Run the pipes for the water and sewage and room for the electrical and natural gas piping.


Answer by  Tabitha (51)

The best thing to do id dig the foundation out 6 inches to ensure the ground is level when you are done with it. Pour concrete or place the blocks inside the level 6 inch space you dug out and that should create a good support from your new home.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

The foundation for you home is so important that this project is best done by an expert or at minimum yo need their personal input to insure your mobile home will be safe. What will basically happen is blocks will placed inside a level space that has been dug out.

Reply by boonjax (205):
I've heard that for mobile homes the foundation actually refers to a block / brick perimeter skirting instead of the fabricated skirting. is this what you mean too?  add a comment
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