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Question by  pholios (20)

Are there special tips for using glass block mortar mix?

I am about to install glass block windows.


Answer by  ITanalyst (57)

Tips for working with glass block mortar. Be sure all sides of the block are clean Use cool, clean water to mix Don't add any extra water Don't use after started to set Use a full bed of mortar Keep a joints 1/4" to 3/8" Apply mortar one course at a time


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

Make sure the mortar maintains a spreadable consistency. If it starts to thicken up, add more water and remix. Work in small areas so you can wipe up the excess.


Answer by  Brian28 (33)

Make sure when you mix the motor it is not to lumpy. keep a wet rag close buy to clean offextra mortar, buy a drill mixer to keep mortar wet


Answer by  Craig19 (154)

It's a good idea to mix this mortar in small batches. When mixing with water, watch the water content --it's important to maintain a paste consistency. If the mortar is exposed to the outdoors in windy/warm conditions, the mortar can dry out. Add water in small amounts and mix thoroughly to prevent the mortar from drying out and becoming unusable.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

First, keep in mind that glass block cannot be used as a load bearing material. Structural support is a must surrounding the glass block. Second, make sure you make allowances for expansion and anchoring.

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