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Question by  Lynette (12)

How do you hang a blanket?

I have an heirloom blanket I want to use as a wall hanging.


Answer by  tharrison (33)

Take material that matches the borders of the blanket and make loops that can be sewn onto the top every four inches. Hang from decorative rod.


Answer by  basil (311)

Sew a sleeve on the back top edge of the blanket, that a curtain rod will fit through. Mount curtain rod brackets on a wall at the height you want. Insert the curtain rod into the sleeve and hang the rod on the brackets.


Answer by  Jenallen (138)

Well you just old your blanket up and put a nail through it in several spots around the edges. If it not too heavy. You want to be careful so that it does not tear. Then you will have a ruined quilt. Also you could use thumbtacks. Not as strong, but the hole will be smaller.


Answer by  shykarth (82)

To get the best look choose the decorative rod with carved edges that matches the color of the blanket sliding through the rod,for example an espresso for a black blanket.

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