Question by  worker3277 (20)

What is the proper height for hanging wall pictures?

I am attempting to decorate my home and would like some assistance with hanging pictures. How far from the ground should I hang them.


Answer by  Hailey (55)

The best height for hanging wall pictures is the height that is good for you to enjoy them. For very tall people they would hang higher and for shorter people it would be lower. So, there isn't a hard fast rule except for you to choose what looks good for you in your home.


Answer by  trashcat (241)

There really is no proper height when hanging pictures on the wall. It is generally up to the discretion of the person hanging them. Generally you would like the center of the picture to be at about eye level. This can vary greatly if you are staggering the pictures that you are hanging.


Answer by  Inge (484)

General rule is to hang at eye level. The average height of an adult. Also location... above a couch, or opposite one. Will it be viewed mainly from sitting position.


Answer by  EJMCG (75)

When hanging artwork, the centre of the picture should be about 1. 5 metres from the floor. Think of a gallery where art is usually hung at eyelevel.


Answer by  hello93 (149)

I think the proper height is eye level to the home owner. You want to be able to see the picture and not have to look up to enjoy your art. I stand back and make sure it does not look too high or low by having my husband hold it for me.

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