Question by  Rastadata (38)

How do you make afghan blankets?

I would love to make blankets for my grandchildren.


Answer by  YarnGirl (333)

Afghans are most frequently crocheted. There are many patterns available online for afghans of all skill levels. Worsted weight yarn is a good weight for most patterns. Some common styles are ripple afghans, granny squares, or mile-a-minute patterns. Most of these can be made in smaller sections that are then sewed together.


Answer by  crochetgirl (6)

There are many patterns available online for afghans. Whether or not you know how to crochet or knit, there are patterns available for either as well as all skill levels. All you have to do is search for afghan patterns. The most important thing to practice before attempting an afghan is the consistency of the stitches.


Answer by  whatsittoya (122)

Making afghan blankets is easy and fun. There are many simple patterns available. You can find them at craft or sewing stores. They are also available for free online.


Answer by  jAG82 (236)

There is a great step by step on making afghan baskets if you visit e how. They give you exact steps with pictures.

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