Question by  Teya74 (16)

How do you finish a blanket using Knifty Knitters looms?

I would like directions on making a blanket for my baby.


Answer by  tweety (266)

You'd be better off if someone showed you how to finish the blanket with pictures. You basically have to decide how you wanna knit - single, double or circular. Double - knitting is the easiest for blankets. It's sometimes better to make the blanket sideways.

Reply by benji (165):
By sideways I guess you mean that the strips strips will be as long as the blanket will be wide. Yup - that sounds easier to get the right dimensions.  add a comment
Reply by light (200):
It's frustrating following instructions - I found it much easier after looking at a lot of videos and pics. The first time I tried I ended up with a messy bunch of yarn! But then, I'm called butterfingers by my friend!  add a comment

Answer by  boonjax (205)

Try the Provo website or youtube - they have some instructions on how to do it. BTW are you using the long looms or the round looms?


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

Cast your yarn on a loom. Work your pattern as a flat piece. Finish by binding off on the last row. You may crochet around the piece for a border.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

Create your blanket in the size and pattern stitch you desire. Then use your knifty knitter to knit an I cord long enough to sew around your blanket to create a binding effect.


Answer by  Anonymous

take ur strandn or strands and weeve in the loops ame tie in all the loops to make not iate for a blanket and hat]

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