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Question by  Prashanth (35)

How do you hang stained glass windows?

I need to hang stained glass windows.


Answer by  marito (34)

Find the wall studs in the area where you plan to hang your window. Attach the window to wall studs when you are hanging it in front of another window.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

Don't tey to hand these glasses because even a single crack is harmful for it. Put a table. and making support of if put yor glasses in front of the table. With this the glass will not break. Try to make some handicraft with these glasses. It will be of better use.


Answer by  sallie (7)

There are many ways to hang a stained glass window. If you plan to take the window wherever you move, then it is better to attach hooks to the existing framework and then hang it temporarily or for an extended time period in one area. If you want something more permanent, try framing it, then attach the frame to window.

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