Question by  Brenna (18)

How do you get started on a paintball field?

My friends and I want to make a paintball field in the woods.


Answer by  worker3884 (57)

First start with many obstacles. Find anything that you can hide, dive, or crawl behind to make things interesting and fun. Then establish territories for each team. After you have established territories, choose a flag station and have fun.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The paintball battlefields that I have seen are not set dimensions. One good game is to have goals at each ends that have to be captured and defended. There should be cover that people can hide behind and open areas where people can shoot.


Answer by  Lmukeeper (262)

First, you have to establish a layout, or boundary in which you are going to play. Then, insert any obstacles you want. Then you have your field.


Answer by  matt80 (142)

To get started on a paintball field, you will need to provide the players with several areas for cover. These can include trees, large rocks, pallets, etc.


Answer by  steve51 (9)

you need to have a 20ft high net surrounding your feild next would be bunkers or objects these can be home made or store bought and to get a game started two teams go on opposite sides of the feild and the ref says blue team ready they give the ok and same for blue ref will say game on

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