Question by  tony53 (2)

What is the height of an official college field goal post?

I would like an official college field goal height.


Answer by  Larry (104)

In college football, like high school and pro, the crossbar of the goal post is ten feet. The uprights are twenty-one feet high, measured from the ground, or eleven feet if measured from the crossbar.


Answer by  vtvick777 (23)

The NCAA mandates that the official height of a college field goal post must be approximately 10ft off of the ground.


Answer by  Dave51 (39)

The NCAA goal post are now, and have been since the year 1991, 18'6" high and 23'4" across!


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

A college field goal, which is the same as those of the National and Canadian Football league, is ten feet in height (the cross bar) and 18 feet 6 inches in width.

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