Question by  Mohammed (21)

How do you care for a baby field mouse?

I just got a little baby field mouse, what do I need to know?


Answer by  luckyhappy (90)

Baby field mice naturally die without their moms. If you insist on being mom, stop by a pet store with rodents + mice; and get some good advice and tools.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It depends on how old it is if it is to young it will die there is nothing you can do. If it is old enough you can get formula from the vet to feed it and you also need to keep something soft under it and a healt lamp on low above it.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

If your baby field mouse is still very tiny, it may be necessary to feed with a dropper. Make sure to offer food often until he is able to eat by himself. Make sure your baby mouse has a nice nesting spotting with plenty of fluffy nesting material so that he stays warm.


Answer by  blanksean (6)

buy a nursing mother mouse because they take care of baby mice even when they're not their own. This is a great alternative to bottle feeding because it would require so much work. Be careful with a wild mouse they often carry Hanta virus.


Answer by  Nya (15)

First you should go to a ventenary to check if you are even allowed to keep it. In some country they are protected.

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