Question by  hiroshi (34)

How to format a date field in access?

I need to format a date field in access.


Answer by  TeepP12 (16)

Formatting a date field in access will depend on where the date field is located. If you are formatting a field within a table, you change to Design View and then click the field. Make sure it is set to Date/Time, then click on Format and choose the date format that you would like.


Answer by  severaltimes (247)

A date field can be formatted by setting InputMask property on a field to something like 99/99/9999. 9 is important here; InputMask uses this character to signify any digit of 1 through 9 or a space. You may also change the Format property on the field to something like 01-March-2005


Answer by  aoleksak (78)

MS Access has a Format() function that can be used to format date time fields. You pass in the date field that you want formatted, along with a date/time template that you would like to use for the formatting. I suggest looking up MS Access Format() function in google.


Answer by  alonadeocadez (45)

Open Design View, then click insert menu & choose Row. Give your field a name on the Field Name column. In the DataType column,click the little arrow then select Date/Time.


Answer by  bibi (57)

A format mask for a datetime field type is created by concatenating allowable subfield format specifiers, using either a fixed- or variable-length subfield or a combination of both. A DATE format mask composed of month, day, and year subfields look like one of those listed in the following table.


Answer by  adele2310 (15)

Right click on the database and select Design View. Select the date field you would like to customize. At the bottom of the screen you will see a window called Field Properties. Select the General Tab and click in the white field next to Format. Click on the arrow and select the date format you would like to use.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

If you have the possibility to use SQL, you could use the SQLs format directive SELECT (Format(dateval, "") FROM tablename.


Answer by  Mturk85 (133)

Regarding this problem, you can use the expression below in a calculated field in a query: DayAndDate = Format (Date(), "dddd, mmm d, yyyy") If the current day is 07/23/2010. After this operation, the date will be converted to the style as "Friday, July 23, 2010". Anyway, if you want to format the date as wanted, proceed in this way.

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