Question by  Zed (27)

Can anyone give me suggestions on troubleshooting my spider paintball gun?

Any tips on troubleshooting paintball guns.


Answer by  Carl0993 (107)

Check first if there's any stuck paintballs. This might be the cause of jams. Also, these guns are usually either gas or spring operated. For gas operated, check if it gas canister is empty. If spring, make sure it isnt rusted. Also, take it to maintaince in related hobby shops.


Answer by  djbs (13)

First thing to check is make sure you co2 tank is full and that your 0-ring is not damaged. Use your barrel squeegee to clean out the barrel. Make sure your safety is turned off.


Answer by  CP (232)

It depends on the problem, my advice would be to clean it out and take it apart to see if there is any problems within in it.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

Check the inputs for your canisters. If there's interference then the air probably isn't going through properly. Could mean just a simple maintenance cleaning.


Answer by  Dave2560 (204)

Troubleshooting a paintball gun is a very broad subject. Even though it's just a paintball gun, it is still a gun with a lot of working parts. There could be a number of things that could be wrong, but an example of the problem would be needed to troubleshoot effectively.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

How you go about trouble shooting would depend on what the problem is. The first thing I would do is strip it down as far as you can and clean everything. Then lubricate all moving parts. Lubrication is VITALLY important.

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