Question by  Shirota (30)

How do you finish a crochet project?

I need to finish a crochet project.


Answer by  mctrixie12 (83)

Depends on the project. An edging would be appropriate on a doily, pillowcase, sleeve, or hem bottom. On an afghan edging or fringe would be good. You can use beads, metallic crochet thread or a contrasting yarn/thread to add pizzaz!


Answer by  mygalval (31)

To finish or end your project without it unraveling, cut your yarn leaving a short tail, pull the tail through the loop on your hook, then weave the tail back the pattern so that it cannot be seen.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

At the end of your project you will still have the one stitch on your hook. Clip the thread with a tail at least as long as a finger. Weave the tail through the remaining stitch and then through about 8 - 10 previous stitches. This finishes the project.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Join a crochet club, were you all sit around together talk, eat and finish any projects you started. I joined one and made 6 dish cloths, a baby blanket, vest and am working on a large quilt.


Answer by  justme80 (75)

You bind off and you cut off the yarn. Then you take a needle and thread it with the yarn and weave the yarn in a few stitches


Answer by  lynnsbears (21)

Depending on the type of crochet project, a good way to finish is to crochet a row of single crochet around the whole item. A scarf can be finished by adding tassels to each end. Many projects can be embellished by adding buttons, braid or any other type of decorative finishing.

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