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Question by  Boone (29)

How do you disassemble a silver Playstation 2?


Answer by  Philhendrie (47)

Place the playstation upside down, remove the 8 screw caps and screws. Place rightside up and remove top cover. You can remove the reset/eject setup from the top lid. You can then remove the two brass screws to access the power supply.


Answer by  Edfire (120)

You will need a set of special bit tool to help you dissemble a silver playstation 2. These bit tools are cheap and found at any local hardware supply store.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

First undo the screws on the bottom. You will find there are about ten screws. Then pop the top off carefully.


Answer by  ajack88 (39)

This is pretty hard to do. My recommendation would be to send it in to Sony for repairs, or take it to an electronics expert. However, if you are intent on disassembling the system, you can take the grips off of the bottom of the PS2 and take out the four screws.


Answer by  Whimsy4U (8)

You will need special tools in order to take apart a Silver PS2. It has special screws to prevent it from being taken apart, it defends itself fairly well in this respect from being taken apart in this respect.


Answer by  phoenix81 (50)

To disassemble a silver Playstation 2 you need a screwdriver and you have to unscrew he screws out and take it apart

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