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Question by  worker3748 (13)

Are playstation one consoles worth keeping?

I have an old playstation one console that I wanted to sell but my husband wants to keep.


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

A Playstation original console would only be worth keeping if you were planning on saving it as a collectible or hoping to sell it much later on when it becomes much more rare to find one. As for playing games, you can play all the games that were originally for PS1 on the PS2 or 3.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

To start off with, playstation one consoles are worth keeping, if you want to keep it for over 20years +. They have already stopped mass producing PS1 consoles but if you are getting a good price that you have a buyer wanting to buy it for, then might as well sell it.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

If there are any Playstation 2 games you're interested in, I would suggest getting one of those since they're backwards compatible with Playstation One game.


Answer by  jamie119 (12)

yes the ps1 is worth keeping? i still have my ps1 for my kids and games are still around cheap like ebay

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