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Question by  kbo (401)

How do you format a disk for playstation 2?

I need to format a disc for playstation two.


Answer by  rwill72 (154)

You can pick up a format disk at Wal-Mart for around $15. The disk is labeled for use on PS, PS2 and XBox. You can also type in PS2 disk format into a search engine and you will be directed to site where the formatting software can be downloaded.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

All you have to do is put the disk in the playstation2. Select play. Hit pause, then the select button. Many options should come up, including format.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

It depends on what it is for, as an anti-piracy measure, the Sony Playstation 2 does not except certain disks. DVDs, CDs, DVD-Rs, CDRs, should work to varying degrees based on model of system without formatting. For copied games, utilities and homebrew, these will not work period.


Answer by  kabuki64 (9)

You cant format a disk for the PS2, but what you can do is mod your PS2 so it can read region locked games. Trying to load a disk from a different region will ask you to format the disk, you'll need to mod your PS2.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

You get a modchip and put it into your PS2. You can also ask a representative for the PS2, they will definetly know.


Answer by  justme38 (25)

You'll want to get a program called " swap magic" can easily be bought at many online locations. it comes with a disc for cde's and one for dvd games.

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