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Question by  Kes (21)

How do you play games in progressive scan on playstation 2?

I need to know how to play games on progressive scan with Playstation 2.


Answer by  Tk74 (37)

To use the progressive scan mode on a Playstation 2, the game must support it, and the console must be connected with component cables. To activate this mode, when the Playstation 2 logo appears onscreen while starting a compatible game, hold the X and triangle buttons on controller 1.


Answer by  scoyne88 (161)

First your ps2 must be connected with svideo or component video cable, second your tv must be capable of progressive scan. Under settings, video settings select progressive scan.


Answer by  drew12 (244)

Only certain games support progressive scan. If the game does it will say so on the back of the box. Hold x and triangle down when the game boots up.


Answer by  worker9143 (44)

You need a progressive scan capable playstation 2 and game, the appropriate cables and television. Load the game, in the game options there should be an option for progressive scan.

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