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Question by  mojo (36)

How do you fix a playstation two controller?

My playstation two controller is messed up.


Answer by  drew12 (244)

You will need a tiny screwdriver. take out all screws holding the two pieced of the controller together. then when you have the controller apart fix the problem you are having with it, stuck joystick then rub some grease or other slippery substance on it, broken button, replace the button.


Answer by  Ravyn (114)

Most problems with a PS2 controller can be remedied by unplugging the controller and replugging it back in. If this doesn't fix it, you need to replace your controller.


Answer by  Indicate (29)

It is best to avoid fixing your controller and just buying a new one from the store since Playstation 2 controllers are inexpensive.It would definitely save time rather than fixing it. Fixing it without knowledge on why it's broken and how its inner components work can be difficult to do.


Answer by  Aral (184)

That depends on exactly what happened to it. If the controls are sticking because people were playing with it with dirty hands, you may be able to just clean it up with a damp paper towel. If there's a more serious problem, the PS2 controllers really aren't designed with repair by users in mind. You'll likely have to replace it.


Answer by  Faelen (13)

You may not be able to. Try opening it up and checking the connections, in order to make sure they're secure.


Answer by  eldridge (106)

If your PS2 controller doesn't work, you may need to take it apart and research the blueprint. If it still doesn't work, you may need to buy a new controller.


Answer by  yoyo72 (50)

Take out the screws from the back of the controller. Once you have removed the screws you should find that the casing comes apart instantly. Once you have done this remove the screws holding the pcb in place. Remove the triggers. Check the wiring to ensure none of it has become loose! *taking the controller apart will void your warranty*

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