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Question by  Jennifer46 (29)

What could cause a memory card error in my Playstation?

My Playstation keeps giving me a memory card error.


Answer by  grassman (59)

I've had that problem myself and it usually means that your memory card isn't getting a good connection to your memory port. Try to blow air into the memory card end and then the port. Also if your still getting an error take a q-tip swap and dip it into some rubbing alcohol and gently clean the connectors.


Answer by  page58 (28)

An error occurred during the previous save. This could be a result of the user removing the card or turning of the console while the save was in progress.


Answer by  adamst (10)

The data on the card is probably corrupted. It is possible for this to happen if the system was turned off while saving or loading a game. You will need to format your memory card in order to use it again.


Answer by  Xumevyn (12)

If you're referring to the original PlayStation, then most likely the data on your Memory Card is either corrupt or the connections are faulty. However, in my experience, if you're using a 3rd party Memory Card (such as a Mad Catz card) then it is likelier to cause issues than if you're using an actual Sony card.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The memory card could have failed or the save data has been corrupted. If you have a stock card then it's probably not the card going bad. More than like you have some kind of error in the data. This was probably caused by pulling out the car or turning off the system while data was being written.


Answer by  killahtomato (60)

This could possibly be caused by simply a bad memory card. From the manufacturer or through user error. There may be damaged parts in the memory card, there could be damaged parts in the Playstation. The memory card could also have gotten wet.

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