Question by  Devilishmary27 (20)

How do you search for pictures in XP by the date that the picture was taken?

I need to find a picture that was taken a few years ago.


Answer by  Lakiticni (22)

First open search ('F3' on keyboard while in any of folders/desktop). Then choose 'Pictures, music or video'. Then check 'Pictures and Photos', and click 'Use advanced search options'. After that you will get three new options. You need 'When was it modified?'. Click it and you will have date options.

posted by Anonymous
Bad information because Date Modified is NOT the same as Date Picture Taken. Date Modified is maintained by the Windows file system; Date Picture Taken is within the JPG file in the EXIF fields. Can sort by DPT, but not search in XP that I know of.  add a comment
Reply by oldguy (0):
Anonymous is right. Date Modified is not the same as Date Taken - same mistaken is being made by most posts here. If you right click in the properties headings in explorer you cad ad the field for date picture taken. Then you can sort by that field.  add a comment

Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

In the advanced search options, you can restrict the dates in which the file you are looking for is. So you can select that it is an image file and that it is from X years to Y years for the dates to locate it.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, why don't you select the search button and type in IMG. Then also, sort out by date. Click the option that allows you to list by date/recent.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

Start -> Search -> for files or folders Select "Pictures, music, or video" user advanced options, click the arrow by "when was it modified" and put in the information


Answer by  techman01876 (43)

At the Top where the Details are. Right Click and then click "more" Find "Date Picture Taken" Then Sort it by "Date Photo Taken"


Answer by  zackr (38)

Open "Search" from the start menu. Then, select "Pictures, music, or video" from the left panel of the search window. Select "Pictures and Photos" and click "advanced options". Click "when was it modified", specify the time period it was taken/modified, and click search.


Answer by  blyte (67)

Right click, select View, then Details. Then right-click the directory bar and click more. "Date Picture Taken" should be an option in the list that pops up.


Answer by  kumar2009 (20)

Im windows XP we can find easily. In a particular folder we should Right click the mouse button at inside of the folder in which the pictures we need to find date wise. Then we need to select the top option that is 'VIEW" from that we need to select the option "DETAILS". So that now we have details.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

You'll want to do a search of the C drive. Go to the start menu and do a search. You'll want to do a search for pictures and change the parameter for "I don't know when" it was modified. If you have a lot of images on your computer this can take a while to complete.


Answer by  Kit (558)

In the Search Window, click on "All files and folders" in the left pane. Click on "When was it modified" to expand. Click "Specify dates" option and insert the dates.


Answer by  ATVRACING250ex (84)

If you know the folder its in right click and select arrange by date modified. If you dont use search in the start menu for the right file type then just arrange them by date


Answer by  worker37 (19)

click start than click search. select all pictures in finding folder. write format of pic e. g jpg. after the search results,right click and select all pics and arrang

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