Question by  orangeengr85 (31)

What could cause my television to have no audio or picture?

My vs-50607 has no audio and no picture.


Answer by  Lilly28 (20)

Check that your television is plugged in to the wall. If your television is plugged in, then check that it is turned on. Next try a different outlet to see if the outlet is the problem. If you use cable or satellite or antenna to get reception for your television, check that the cord connecting them is plugged in securely.


Answer by  thebest (63)

As every user manual would suggest, make sure your television is plugged in and hat the power is on. Also make sure you have something as an input.


Answer by  dsnbaby (42)

1) Is the unit plugged in? 2) Is your cable or satellite provider currently offline? 3) Are you on the correct input setting? (i. e are you trying to watch television, but your input is from the Blu-Ray player? ) 4) If you have satellite, is the dish blocked in any way?


Answer by  KRobinson (96)

if you only hear normal white backround noise, very likely the inputs on the back of the tv may be broken, perhaps from age or being dropped


Answer by  shivanand (36)

Check the power supply. Check the signals coming in from the antenna/satellite receiver, cd/dvd player. Some times check the fuse which may had blown in the mother board

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