Question by  aman3780 (12)

How do you cook food in a pressure cooker?

I am intimidated by a pressure cooker.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

Pressure cookers are complicated to use. The instructions can also very from model to model to I would suggest using the instruction that come with the one you purchased.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Typically you fill the pressure cooker slightly less than half full of water. Then you place the meat or poultry into the cooker. Insure after the food is placed inside that the water level is not over the three quarters full mark. Once completed place the lid on securely.


Answer by  catclaw (432)

Saute any ingredients needed in the bottom of your pressure cooker. Add the rest of your ingredients and cover them with liquid. Place the lid on until you see and hear the steam rising. Cook. To remove the lid, remove from heat, place under cold water, release steam and open.


Answer by  anu10 (11)

We can cook various things in cooker,e.g; Meat, Fish, Beans, Peas, Dal etc. For Example,if you have to cook 1kg beef in the pressure cooker,first put water around 0.9kg, put beef and salt n whatever in your recipes and close the lid,and cook it on medium-high gas, till that weight starts striking for 15-18minutes,your beef should be well done.


Answer by  vlp (12)

pressure cooker used for boling rice,vegtables and water.cooker top have gasket is used for pressure the cooking item. if rice is boiled .

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