Question by  MattMcGee (9)

How do you connect wii to the internet?

I need to connect wii to the internet.


Answer by  tstdummyx4 (42)

There are a couple of ways to connect a Wii to the internet, wired or wireless. Wireless requires a wireless network router or a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter. Wired requires a cable to be run from your pc to the Wii. Once you have established which of these you will use, follow the Wii instructions for setup.


Answer by  tommullins (13)

If you have a wireless connection or wireless router is is very easy to connect the wii to the internet. From your main screen go to wii options, then click wii settings, then click the right arrow, then click on internet, then connection settings, then connection 1, then wireless connection, then search for access point follow rest of the intructions.


Answer by  worker9143 (44)

The Wii is wireless based so you have to have a router hooked to your internet line. Set it up with a password. Then go on your Wii and go to the settings find the internet setting. Then do the setup the wii should find your network connection automatically. Just put in the password and it should connect.

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