Question by  BoeZoe (136)

How do you care for a painful piercing?

Mine is on an inner lobe which I cannot see. It has a sappy ooze and I've tried using dabs of witch hazel & neosporin but it still crusts up. Its been this way for years isn't red, inflamed or painful but annoying no less. Will it ever go away?


Answer by  hzcm (18)

Maybe the pain is caused by your earring which is too small or is not a perfect fit. Visit a reputable piercing artist to get an advise.


Answer by  DavidMegenis (117)

Chances are, the annoying feeling will not totally go away but you will come to not notice it. It feels annoying because you have infected scar tissue. You would be able to get rid of it with vitamin E oil if it was on the surface.


Answer by  Sarah475 (84)

I would try to wash it with a gentle soap two times a day. If that doesn't help, then I would try using an alcohol. And if that doesn't hurt, I would recommend taking the piercing out for awhile. If you have had the piercing for awhile, it should be okay to take it out.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

It could be an allergic reaction to the type of metal in the piercing. Have you tried using a different earring? If that doesn't work, try cleaning the piercing with a solution of epsom salts and warm water until you see relief. It's still a good idea to pick up a hypoallergenic earring for the piercing to be safe.


Answer by  mstek (20)

It sounds like you are rejecting the peircing, the best thing to do would be to look for a peice of jewelry thats made of a different material than the one you're using now. You can try gold silver and stainless steel and if none of these seem to help, try plastic jewelry.

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