Question by  basil (311)

What is the proper care for new piercings?

I just got 2 new piercings.


Answer by  taricha (84)

New piercings should be cleaned 2-3 times a day and no more. Do not play with the metal while the piercing is healing. To clean your piercing, use contact solution and a cotton swab to rub around the openings of your piercing. Do not use topical ointments, as these will heal the outside of the piercing but not the inside.


Answer by  sundaynightkid (30)

Most piercers will suggest soaking your piercings 2-5 times a day with a solution of sea salt and water. If the piercing is in or near your mouth, it may help to rinse with alcohol-free mouth wash. Make sure you touch or play with your piercing as little as possible until healed, which could take 6 weeks to 2 months.


Answer by  tessamalk (466)

Be sure to clean the piercings often--even if you think they get clean in the shower, be sure to use a saline solution at least once a day. Rub it around the piercing and move the jewelry to ensure that everything is healing properly.


Answer by  Abit (22)

Seas salt soaks twice a day. A pinch of salt, just a tiny bit, dissolved into warm water. Soak your new piercing in this cup of water. This should be done morning and evening and after showers. Do not use anti-biotic creams or gels nor hydrogen peroxide. Do not turn the jewelry as this may hamper the scar formation.

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