Question by  anewcreation (3)

Could I still be swelling from the piercing trauma in my nose if I pierced it 2 weeks ago?

I thought I still had swelling, but it seems as though I have a large bump on the inside of my nostril where the piercing is. I have been removing the piercing for cleaning.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

Removing the piercing to clean it is irritating it as the jewelry should be left inside for 2 months before taking it out or changing it.


Answer by  pierced (6)

First, if you're constantly touching it... stop! The oils from your skin can cause continued infection. But do clean it with a Q-tip, tissue and the cleanser. The piercing gun is quite traumatic on your skin. Needle is the best, as it removes pierced skin, instead of blasting through it.

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