Question by  Greg (18)

What could be causing a painful lump in my left shin?

I have had this painful lump for three weeks.


Answer by  martin22 (32)

There many more causes for painful lump in shin. It could be due to infection,Sebaceous cyst or due to any injury which lead to Haematoma formation. Fracture is one of the cause. And lastly it could be malignancy - soft tissue sarcoma, bone malignancy or skin cancer. sometimes due to Compartment syndrome.


Answer by  amj (99)

The cause of your lump could be many things, from something as serious as cancer, to something only annoying, like shin splits. Are you a runner, or did you recently take up running? If so, then your problem is most likey just shin splints. If the lump is smaller, it could just be something simple like an ingrown hair.


Answer by  Helper36 (21)

Being hit by something, In your sleep, or making a strange movement when you use it. I had the same myself, and I've got some créme and used it for a week, It didnt hurt after that. Another posibility is that you used your shin to much, so resting would be the only option then.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

If it is not simply a bruise or bump caused by hitting your shin into something, it could very likely be shin splints. People sometimes refer to this as "growing pains" but it is possible for it to happen at any age.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Painful lump in your left shin may be the cause due to over heat. Slogging for hours together will also be the reason. If not it may be the cause of too much fat in your body

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