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Question by  mangosteen (272)

Which subway system is better: New York City or Washington DC?

they both seem pretty good (for American cities at least) but they are good in different ways.


Answer by  penrose (235)

New York's subway is very extensive, but the system is so archaic. In the summertime, some stations are unbearably hot and some smell like sewers. Washington DC is not as extensive, but either is the city. It is clean, modern and extensive enough to be very usable.


Answer by  udaipur (219)

New york's metro has that old world charm, its cheap, and its extensive... but the positives end there. its hot in the summer, smelly, and crowded. Washington has all of the advantages except it lacks the charm... otherwise, it has no negatives. Washington DC hands down. Sorry New Yorkers.


Answer by  andaman (240)

They are both quite inexpensive when you compare them to driving (and all the associated expenses like parking/tolls). Washington DC is clearly more modern and clean, but my vote goes for NYC, just because it is so charming and gritty. DCs subway is just a little too perfect for my tastes.

Reply by apple (447):
I wouldn't call a 1970s style "perfect."  add a comment

Answer by  imthehope (13)

Firstly, new york city has a lot stations and lines you can go wherever you want to go but they are dirty and runs late.You take the train at the time tomorrow you are late because your train 10 minutes late.. You might see a homeless and you will be bothered. however it is cheap tho..


Answer by  pedro (142)

I like Washington D.C.'s system better because it is cleaner, easier to use, and feels safer. It is also easy to use to get to further-away places like the airport and suburbs. New York's system is obviously more extensive, but it is much more confusing to use and doesn't go as far as DC's.


Answer by  bobfernandaz (62)

The New York City subway system is bad, dirty, and dangerous, so I firmly believe that the Washington, DC subway system is better. Yes its stops are more spread out, but it is cleaner, more efficient, and more often on time. Therefore, in my humble opinion it is the better of the two subway systems.


Answer by  Kindafunny (69)

The subway system in New York City more people than the Washington DC system. However, Washington DC subways appear to be better maintained and the route maps simpler to read. New York City subways can get you to most parts of the metropolitan area in under 1.5 hours for much less than gas and parking.


Answer by  ronaldo (100)

New York

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