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Question by  Gracelette (25)

How do you build model spaceships?

My son and I want to build one together.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

The basic materials that you need to have for making model spaceships is old newspapers where you would wet these ones and form or mold them into forms likely to be spaceships. Glue would help in keeping the shape intact. Once dried, you can use water color paint for aesthetics.


Answer by  sprintjapan (85)

I'm a plastic car modeller. You should see starshipmodeler forum and search for "on the bench" where they show step by step how its done. Hope this helps


Answer by  polkaman (8)

your local hobby shop will have model kits. select one that is appropriate for his age group and/or skill level. don't forget any glue or paint you may need.

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