Question by  trdimc2009yahoocom (171)

Can you build a model of a spaceship?

I've never seen one, so how could I build one?


Answer by  mii (237)

Yes you can build the spaceship model. Go to the library or to an online bookstore and find a book that shows the inside of spaceships and provides a diagram for how they are made.


Answer by  sam805236aolcom (267)

Yes, there are many model spaceships, usually Star Wars and Star Trek related. Search for a local hobby store in your town and I'm sure you can find many.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Tthat depends whether you mean a spaceship in actual use by aliens, or a conceptualization of a spaceship. There are many of the latter, such as Star Wars models.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Certainly, there are a number of resources for spaceship building. Most hobby stores offer model kits, or even raw materials to design your own. You can go plastic or wood and even get the rockets to launch them. You can also find thousands of kits online through most large retail sites.

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