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Question by  sharon63 (520)

How do you breed Fancy Tail guppies?


Answer by  Jon26 (28)

Raise the water temperature to 70-80 degrees and feed them well. Also provide a water plant, for the baby fish to hide in. Fancy tail guppies will breed on their own. You can also buy a special "breeders" tank, which will force a male and female to be togather. This will increase their likily hood of breeding.


Answer by  ZackRoca25 (16)

Fancy tail guppies are fun to breed and don't require any special skills. They are the easiest fish to get to breed if the pH and temperature is right. Most important fact - get a breeding net to protect the young until they are large enough.


Answer by  worker2173 (173)

Fancy tail guppies are not hard to breed as long as they're in the same tank that's kept clean. If a male and female fancy guppy are kept in the same vicinity they will eventually mate and the female will become pregnant. Once the female is pregnant use a breeder box so that the guppies don't eat their young.


Answer by  ace (237)

ive had loads of success by turning the tank temperature up and by providing plenty of cover when the young are first born


Answer by  Znufoc01 (227)

Keep them alive. Honestly, guppies breed without any work on your part other than making sure they don't die. If you want to really get into it, you can try selective breeding by choosing male and female tank mates to produce offspring with characteristics that you like, or at least to preserve the characteristics that they have.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

These fish need a lot of food to be nurtured. So make sure you feed them quite frequently. Also make sure you change the water in the tank often because they need to thrive in a clean environment. Adding algae will not be wise. You need to make sure the tank is always clean.


Answer by  fish89 (46)

When breeding guppies, it is important that you have a ratio of several females to every one male. This will ensure no female is stressed.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

It is a very nature course to breed them. Just add a female and a male. It takes about 5 weeks total. Protecting the birth will be difficult.


Answer by  monniemonster (74)

I have kept these for many years now and you just need to make sure you have male and female guppies, they are very easy to breed just put them in a tank and wait.

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