Question by  haythemm2000 (20)

How long does it take for fancy guppies to mature?

I would like to know when my guppies will be considered adults.


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

It is impossible to tell exactly when a guppy will mature from baby to adult. The process usually takes a few months and it depends on the nutrition, temperature and level of stress in the fish.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

It takes female guppies around three months to mature. Male guppies mature a little faster. After female guppies mature, they will have babies approximately every three weeks. Keep their water at 80 degrees and they will mature faster. The fancy guppies get their colors when they have matured. Males are more colorful all over whereas females have colored tails.


Answer by  cjd411 (36)

Although the time it takes for a fancy guppy to mature will vary based on water quality, temperature and other environmental factors, on average, a female fancy guppy will be sexually mature at about 3 months of age, while a male fancy guppy could reach maturity even earlier than that!

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