Question by  Kasey (19)

How do you become a good strong safety?

I want to be the best safety I can so I can get a college scholarship.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Instincts and pattern recognition. You'll mostly be playing the run, so watch movements of the offensive line, the fullback, and lastly the halfback. Come at the runner from the outside to force him inside where they're more defensive help. Study tape of yourself to see where you can improve positionally.


Answer by  Ranger305 (96)

Get good at all aspects of defense. Safeties need to tackle, cover like corners, and watch the backfield for run. Nothing is allowed passed them.


Answer by  jen10 (48)

You need to be aware of where the wide receivers are and who is getting covered. Also increase your speed and acceleration. You will need strength and endurance to keep the pace with your opponent. You need to be able to hit hard so they drop passes.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Practise your tackling, your coverage of receivers, and increase your speed (time in the 40 especially), strength, endurance and football knowledge.

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