Question by  sherryh (16)

How do you add an addition to a house?

I would like to add the addition myself - nothing too big.


Answer by  brianpazdernik (35)

If you have the plan set and all the permits you can dig the foundation and poor the foundation. Next you frame the walls. After framing and erecting the walls one sheets the roof. make sure you get all the required inspections


Answer by  jordandevers (318)

first you need permits. then a foundation for it (concrete) and then framing and electrical and finally interior and exterior wall protection (drywall, paneling, vinyl siding)


Answer by  Scot (591)

Put up the exterior walls first before demolishing any existing walls. This will ensure that the weather conditions and animals are kept out of the construction space.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

It isn't as easy as it seems. You need to get an engineer to approve of your addition, then you have to take his approval and fill out the paper work at the building commissioner. Then you have to hire an inspector at various points of the build.


Answer by  FRANK234 (29)

First you have to decide of which material you want to build your addition. Wood, brick, concrete? Oyou also have to remove existing walls en possibly roofs to connect.

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