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Question by  mtbuster (31)

How do I treat this swelling over eyebrow?

I'm not sure what caused it.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Swelling is usually treated with ice. If there is any heat or intense reddness then an infection could be the cause and should be seen by a physician.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Many things can cause any swelling. Usually a swelling is treated with ice compresses. If you have any other symptoms you should see your doctor. You may have may be just a bug bite or something. Sometimes with a sinus infection you can have swelling anywhere in the forehead area.


Answer by  Kay12 (19)

Since you're not sure what caused it, try an antihistamine, as it might be an insect bite or allergic reaction. If that doesn't work, Ibuprofen and cold compress will help.


Answer by  vinora (3)

swelling over eyebrow could mostly caused by allergic reaction. so take some antihistamine tablets and corticosteroids.secondary causes due to sinus or fat accumulation over the eye brow or may be caused by bacterial infection. try to take some antibiotics like erythromycin or augumentin. if the swelling does not reduce then doctor advice is neccessary

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