Question by  Lizzie44 (39)

Is it possible to grow your eyebrows back in?

I am regretting the fact that I plucked my eyebrows.


Answer by  SMJ (72)

If they have been over-plucked for a long time, then it might not be possible (the hair follicle might be too traumatized). Consider taking a hair growth vitamin including biotin. Also, castor oil is supposed to be very good at encouraging hair growth. Rub it into your eyebrows, but be careful not to get it elsewhere.


Answer by  Moonkie (46)

Eyebrows are like any other hair in that they will grow back. However if they are over tweezed over time the hair will thin out and if the follicle is ruined may stop growing all together. If it was a one time tweeze, you will be fine, give it time.

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