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Question by  AF6FB (23)

How do I replace the firing pin on a Stevens 820b?


Answer by  notanexpert (199)

gunparts. com has a lot of firing pins and I think they come with some diagrams or instructions. Dunno about their quality and reliability - never used them myself.


Answer by  jeyR (264)

Firing pins can cost about 100$ or so for your Stevens 820B. Check it thoroughly before you buy one. It's better to buy one at a gunstore or at your gunsmiths - that way you can get instructions on how to replace it from the seller.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You will need to remove the handle and the trigger mechanism. The firing pin itself is just a small one half inch pin about one eight of a inch wide. You need to remove the broken pin and micro-weld a new one into place. A tool and die shop can help you with this part. Then reassemble.

Reply by boonjax (205):
Please be careful - there is a magazine spring which is under tension and could injure you badly if you mess with it. This will also mess up the whole 820B!  add a comment

Answer by  icyblue (236)

I'd sugest you first geta schematic diagram or picture of all the gun parts. Then go about dismantling and replacing the firing pin. How long did your pin last? Do you plan to use steel or tungsten / bismuth? I heard steel causes more damage.

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