Question by  jesi (2)

Can I replace a Harley front end on my own?

I need to replace my Harleys front end.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

If you have a lot of mechanical experience and have worked on motorcycles before, you should be able to replace the front end of your Harley on your own, assuming you have all the tools and parts necessary to complete the job.


Answer by  hobominer (184)

If you have the mechanical aptitude to understand the rebuild, ALL the right tools that are required and the physical strength to do the labour then i don't see any reason why you can't. Invest in a proper workshop manual though, you want to make sure you do things right the first time.


Answer by  jmk222 (20)

Not too hard to do. I usually use a chain hoist to support the front of the bike from the rafters in my garage and then remove the forks individually after pulling the front tire. If you're taking the trees off then leave tire on and remove whole thing.


Answer by  stevep (34)

If there is frame damage take the bike to a qualified repair shop. Otherwise, invest in a factory service specific to the model and year of your Harley and follow the service procedures.


Answer by  JP66 (32)

Yes you can replace it, you must however get all the correct parts and make sure you follow the service manual for procedures and torque values.

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