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Question by  Marjorie (22)

How do I place my computer in sleep mode?

I would like to save energy by placing my computer on sleep mode.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

To put your computer sleep, click the power button on the start menu or click the arrow next to the lock button, then it shows Switch user,Log off,Lock,Restart,Sleep, & Shut down. Then select the option Sleep to put your computer in sleep mode.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

When you click the Start button, where you go to shut it down should have "sleep" or "stand-by" or "hybernate" A laptop usually has an auto setting to sleep.


Answer by  Whippetlover200 (150)

On a computer with Windows Vista, go to the start menu. On the bottom right is a right facing arrow next to a lock. Click the arrow and choose sleep.

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