Question by  Chet (17)

How do I relieve muscle pain in my upper arm?


Answer by  IRSS (89)

To releve muscle pain in your upper arm try using hot then cold compresses. You can take Tylonol or other forms of pain reliever as that such.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

For most sorts of muscle pain, aspirin and ice packs really help. I especially recommend rubbing Bengay in the area, just be sure not to get any in your armpit area.


Answer by  cupcake21 (78)

First keep arm slightly elevated,apply ice and moist heat off and on for 15 minute intervals. You can also use a pain-relieving cream(thermocare,icy hot,mineral ice)to help relieve muscle tension. Avoid strenuous activity until pain subsides.


Answer by  mommyearl (65)

To relieve muscle pain in the upper arm try doing some stretching exercises to loosen up the muscles there. Lift your arm straight up in the air and bend it behind your back at the elbow. Also use a warm compress to relieve muslce tension.

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