Question by  Rasa (43)

How do I relieve hamstring pain in the groin area?

Yesterday I must have tore a muscle in my groin leg area, I have pain when I walk or lift my leg.


Answer by  roxyhulagirl22 (21)

There are a couple of therapy choices. There's groin stretches, which can ease the pain. Applying ice to the injury can relieve the pain as well. Ice Massage as well.


Answer by  325t25 (189)

Well stretch out your legs as much as you can. If it hurt's a lot apply some heat to that area or use a heating creme. That will help relieve the pain.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

first you should see a doctor or physical therepist to make sure you didnt damage anything severely. otherwise take ibuprophen to reduce swelling and take care of the pain caused by inflamation. an icepack is helpful too to dull the pain. dont have it on there too long it can have advere effect. also get a cane if needed.


Answer by  blue25 (346)

If you did tore it, that suck. you have to rest a bit and do everything slow just to let it heal.

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