Question by  kaoshavoc (11)

What kind of doctor should I see about a painful growth on the inside of my upper arm?

I have what appears to be a growth on the inside of my arm, it is hard and tender the touch. I know I need to see a doctor but not sure what doctor.


Answer by  elb (1105)

There are several possible causes of a hard, tender spot on the inside of the arm. See your regular doctor or the walk-in/urgent care clinic at your local hospital.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

It sounds like you could have a swollen lymph node. You could go to a general doctor, and they will usually try to send you to the right specialist if you need to see one. In this case, you would probably want to see an endocrinologist, as they deal with things like nodes and glands.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

You can either go to your primary care doctor or a dermatologist if it is on the skin. It may be a boil.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Any growth inside the body which can be felt is better to shown to a doctor and medical advice sought. You should consult a specialists in surgery.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

A painful growth on the inside of your upper arm may be due to so many possibilities that your best course of action is to see a good internist. Once he/she examines you, he/she will then be able to make the best determination as to who should best see you.

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