Question by  Ricardo (25)

How do I reduce squash blossom drop?

In the past I have had issues with the blooms from my flowers dropping off and no vegetables growing?


Answer by  worker5694 (130)

Keep plants as dry as possible and be sure to rotate crops in the same soil so that no member of the vegetable family is planted in the same spot for at least four years. Keep the fruit supported, using wood or some other natural support to prevent rot from the ground.


Answer by  worker3873 (146)

Make sure your veggies has more than enough soil and water for the plant to sustain itself - a healthy plant needs plenty of resources.


Answer by  worker3025 (6)

there r 2 types of flowers namely male and female if male flowers are falling it is normal fall. if female flowers are falling then it is successful to prevent pollination. this is due to weather temp,etc. it can be control by adding some insecticides like sevin (carbaryl) it controls falling of squash.

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