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Question by  Castlekeeper (39)

When is a hubbard squash ready to harvest?


Answer by  triponi (69)

Hubbard squash is harvested from late August with peak season from October to January. The squash is ready to harvest when the vine dies.


Answer by  Brian96 (140)

It is ready to harvest when the skins are hard and the vines have dried. Make sure however you always harvest before the first hard frost!


Answer by  makkedah (21)

A hubbard squash is ready to harvest when the vine looks really dry and dead. A great time to harvest this vegetable is in the winter. The temperture is better.


Answer by  SandyB (59)

Hubbard squash are ready for harvest when the surfaces are dull and the skins can not be punctured with your finger nail. Harvest before a hard freeze. A light frost should not harm the fruits.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Hubbard squash can be eaten all the way along its lifespan. You can fry up the squash blossoms, and the young fruits can be eaten as summer squash. Mature squashes taste best when fully ripe and aged in a cool spot for a few months to develop the sugar.


Answer by  ffej1313 (41)

Well I believe the harvest starts around August and goes till March, but if you want the best time for taste I would recommend from October through January.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

The larger squashes are ready to harvest when the plant starts to die and its leaves turn yellow. At that point, the plant is no longer making any sugar to feed the squash. Your squash should be orange at this point. The stem can be cut from the plant, and the squash moved indoors to cure.


Answer by  Sylvia (759)

There a variety of hubbards to pick from. Generally they mature in about 100 days. The shell will harden and the vine will dry out. The outer shell should not give an inch when pressed.


Answer by  LesleySA (0)

Pick young squash as soon as they are slightly larger than a tennis ball when every part is edible. Lightly boiled in salt water they have a delicate creamy flavour. Growing tips of the vine are also delicious chopped and lightly cooked in salt water. Leave some squash to mature

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