Question by  filminfo (20)

How can you charge your phone if you do not have a charger?

I accidentally left my charger at home and need to get my phone charged.


Answer by  manimass (6)

Take the usb cable and cut the end that doesn't plug into the computer. Strip it. Four wires are available. Take red and black wires. Strip those. Take the cell phone battery. Connect + to red and - to black. Connect the other end of usb cable to usb port of the computer. Charge it to 5-10 minutes.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well some phones that have miniusb ports can actually charge from a computer. So if you have a usb cord you can try that otherwise have to use a charger.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You can't charge a phone without a charger. You can try borrowing someone's, but a lot of phones have different chargers so you need someone who has the same charger as you do. If you lose your charger you can order another one, but you definitely can't charge your phone if you don't have a charger.


Answer by  jehadbader (44)

You can charge your phone with the wireless pad. In which you can put your phone on top of a bad that is wireless and charges your phone. Technology is at its peak and I don't think "chargers" will be used.

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