Question by  Colin (20)

How do I put Disney ring tones on my phone?

I want to download Disney ring tones to my phone.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You can go to your respective carrier's website and look up specific disney ringtones. If they do not have an offering of your liking, you can go through 3rd party affiliates like Jamster etc. Make sure you have an internet plan on your phone otherwise you could be charge for both the ringtone and usage as well.


Answer by  Crystal03 (240)

You will need to connect to your phone's area to download ringtones. It varies depending on the phone. Newer phones have "apps" where you can download ringtones, some for free, some cost. Older phones have a connection area where you can download specific ringtones usually for a fee of $1 or more.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

First you will have to find the disney ringtones. Go to your cell carriers website and see what they have. They will also have instruction on how to add the ringtones to your phone on the site as well.


Answer by  AmandaRae (102)

I would recommend that you go to google and type in "Disney ring tones". There are many websites that you can access to get a Disney ring tone.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Your phone will have a section called apps where you can download ring tones and backgrounds. They will charge you on your cellphone bill each month.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

Go to any free ring tone site and you can download any song out there, including Disney songs, from those websites!


Answer by  bajestar (605)

When you locate the ring tone you want whither from Disney, your carrier or someplace on the web. once you select the file you want its sent to your phine by text. You then open the file pick options and save it as your ring tone. Once you set it up it there till you erase it.

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