Question by  wendy22 (13)

How can I remove pictures off an ipod?


Answer by  drew12 (244)

The only way to remove content off an ipod is to hook it up to the computer that has the itunes software that originally put the content on it. If you do not have access to the computer then you will need to format the ipod which erases all information on the ipod and resync it to a new computer.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

In order to remove the pictures, you need to sync with itunes and remove them from there and then Resync.


Answer by  twintechtukers1 (20)

go to photos tap the photo to enlarge it then tap again to bring up the menu and touch the trash can. Easy as pie. thas how u can delete ur pic from ur ipod


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Use the supplied software that came with the player. There should be an option to remove photos. Otherwise you might be able to browse to the device and delete them.


Answer by  kitty63 (161)

Attach the ipod to the computer with the given cord and then delete them from itunes on your computer. You may risk losing them if the computer using is not your base computer for the ipod.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

Simply remove the pictures from your iTunes library and resync your iPod. this will remove any unwanted photos from your iPod.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

First, delete the pictures from your iTunes, then sync your pictures to your iPod, the way you normally would. The pictures you deleted, will automatically be removed from your iPod.


Answer by  LittleJohn (242)

You can either delete from your iTunes library or when your iPod is plugged in. First, delete the pictures from your iTunes, then sync your pictures to your iPod. The pictures you deleted will be automatically removed from your iPod.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Just upload the picture on your ipod screen and you will see an options section. Just scroll down and click on the delete button and the picture will be removed.


Answer by  amp2140 (148)

Connect the ipod to itunes. Click on the ipod and go to the pictures tab, and click the setting to turn off pictures.

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